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Whether or not you choose to study with me, I believe that you'll benefit from the many free resources below.

Free Video Modules

Within each of the 16 learning modules (Geometry, Statistics, Critical Reasoning, etc.) that comprize the course, you'll find plenty of free videos to help you make an informed purchase. I also have 4 modules in which all of the videos are free. They are as follows:

"GMAT Question of the Day" emails

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To help you prepare for test day, I created the following sets of downloadable flashcards (in pdf format):  

  • GMAT Math Flashcards from GMAT Prep Now.pdf  - 162 flashcards covering every formula, concept and strategy needed for the quantitative section of the GMAT. Each flashcard is linked to a corresponding video lesson from the course.
  • Interactive Sentence Correction Flashcards - 49 flashcards covering all of the concepts and strategies needed to answer any GMAT Sentence Correction question. Each flashcard is linked to a video lesson from the course.

Improvement Charts

These downloadable Excel files help you track your progress and identify weaknesses as you work through practice questions in the Official Guide for GMAT Review.

There are 6 different versions, each corresponding to a different edition of the Official Guide.

60-Day Study Guide

 I have partnered with Beat The GMAT to create the 60-Day Study Guide. Each day, you’ll receive an email with a series of learning activities that guide you, step-by-step, from Day 1 to test day. This will ensure that you will cover everything that the GMAT tests.   


Check out the many articles I've written about various aspects of GMAT prep.

Test Day Mindset

As part of your preparation, work on adopting the proper mindset/attitude on test day. This will do wonders for your score. 

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