In this module, you'll learn GMAT-specific skills related to:

  • Answering common question types
  • Engaging in each passage
  • Summarizing paragraphs
  • Identifying the main idea
  • Identifying common structures
  • Eliminating incorrect answers
  • Passage-specific questions
  • Adjusting your strategy
  • Common myths
  • Recommended readings



  • 1. Lesson: Introduction to Reading Comprehension (4:18)
  • 2. Lesson: Reading Comprehension Question Types (5:47)
  • 3. Lesson: Reading Comprehension General Strategy (4:06)
  • 4. Lesson: Engaging in the Passage (10:58)
  • 5. Lesson: Summarizing each Paragraph (7:46)
  • 6. Lesson: Identifying the Main Idea (6:33)
  • 7. Lesson: Identifying the Correct Answer (6:44)
  • 8. Lesson: Answering Certain Question Types (9:14)
  • 9. Lesson: Tips for Each Passage Type (3:51)
  • 10. Lesson: Miscellaneous Tips (3:39)
Total viewing time for the GMAT Reading Comprehension module: 63 minutes.

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