GMAT Integrated Reasoning

In the GMAT Integrated Reasoning module, you will learn all of the concepts, techniques and strategies needed to answer Integrated Reasoning questions on the GMAT. In particular, the GMAT Integrated Reasoning module covers the following topics:

  • Graphics interpretation
  • Two-part analysis
  • Table analysis
  • Multi-source reasoning
  • Onscreen calculator
  • Scatter plots
  • Venn diagrams



  • 1. Lesson: Introduction to Integrated Reasoning (7:21)
  • 2. Lesson: Onscreen Calculator (12:01)
  • 3. Lesson: Maximizing your Integrated Reasoning Score (4:41)
  • 4. Lesson: General Strategy for Integrated Reasoning (1:01)
  • 5. Lesson: Graphics Interpretation Questions (5:23)
  • 6. Lesson: Types of Graphics to Expect (4:09)
  • 7. Lesson: Venn Diagrams (3:23)
  • 8. Lesson: Scatter Plots (6:35)
  • 9. Question: Science, Tennis and Freshmen (1:45)
  • 10. Question: Salaries and Car Prices (2:57)
  • 11. Lesson: Table Analysis Questions (4:46)
  • 12. Question: Precious Metals (4:48)
  • 13. Lesson: Two-Part Analysis Questions (7:48)
  • 14. Question: Relay Teams (4:50)
  • 15. Lesson: Multi-Source Reasoning Questions (4:58)
  • 16. Question: Wind Chill - Question I (4:50)
  • 17. Question: Wind Chill - Question II (3:25)
Total viewing time for the GMAT Integrated Reasoning module: 85 minutes.

Additional Practice

You can find additional practice questions in the Integrated Reasoning section of the official GMAT website.

More Integrated Reasoning questions can be found in the official GMATPrep practice software (available for free download).

If you purchased the Official Guide for GMAT Review (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 or 2015 edition), the back of the book has login details that will allow you to access 50 more Integrated Reasoning practice questions.

Finally, Veritas Prep has some free Integrated Reasoning practice questions

Practice Questions

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