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If you feel this course helped (or is helping) you prepare for the GMAT, we’d love to hear from you!

It's our goal to provide an affordable, high-quality prep course, and we're hoping you can help spread the word.

If you decide to record a review, there are only 3 requirements:

  • Your review must be honest
  • Your review must be audible
  • For the sake of legitimacy, we need either your first name and last name initial (e.g., Nate J.) or your last name and first name initial (e.g., N. Jones). Or  both!

That’s it!

If you’re not sure what to discuss in your video, some possible topics include:

  • Your experience with the course
  • Any aspect/feature you found particularly useful
  • Your score(s)
  • Your score increase (if you had taken a test prior to taking my course)
  • The school/program you were accepted to

Once you’ve recorded your review, please email it to us at

Note: If the video is too big to send via email, you can use a free file sharing site like

Once you’ve sent us your recording, go out and celebrate being such a good person!

Cheers, Brent

Test Day Mindset

As part of your preparation, work on adopting the proper mindset/attitude on test day. This will do wonders for your score. 

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