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If you feel the video course helped (or is helping) you prepare for the GMAT, a brief testimonial would be greatly appreciated (even if it's just to say "I like it!").

You can either record your video here by following the instructions below, or you can record the video on your own and email it to me at brent@gmatprepnow.comNote: If the video is too big to email me, you can use a free file sharing site like


Please note that, once you record your message, you'll have the opportunity to review it before submitting.

  1. On the screen below, click Record Video (NOTE: this doesn't actually start the recording; it just opens the app needed to record)
  2. Allow access to your computer's camera and microphone (when completed, you'll see your beautiful face onscreen!)
  3. Click the red dot to start recording
  4. Click the red square to stop recording (ignore the "uploading" message; it's just preparing the video for review)
  5. Click the triangular play button to review your recording
  6. If you like your message, click the floppy disk icon (aka save) to submit
  7. If you want to re-record your message, click the red dot and re-record your testimonial (this also deletes your previous message)
  8. Go out and celebrate being such a good person!




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