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I'm the type of person who has always struggled with standardized math tests, but these videos really helped me to reach the next level. I was scoring around 690 on practice exams but thanks to these videos I achieved a 48 on the Quant section and a 740 overall score. For each "type" of question that appears on the GMAT (e.g. double matrixes, venn diagrams, right triangles) you will be armed with a simple and precise strategy that doesn't rely too heavily on equations or rote memorization. So if you recognize a the problem type, know exactly where to go from there. What I appreciated most was the lack of mathematical jargon and confusing algebraic forms. A lot of the GMAT resources out there rely too much on tough mathematical nomenclature and not enough on good old English. Brent strikes directly at the heart of the questions in a very understandable way. The verbal videos are also excellent. Overall, I think these videos are a terrific investment, particularly for someone like me who struggles with Quant.  - Mark Lamb


The video tutorials and Brent’s tutoring got me through the Wharton admission. It had been some time since I had finished my undergrad, and I needed to refresh my concepts to take the GMAT. The structured video tutorials were just the visual learning I needed. After completing each topic, as suggested by this course, I attempted the easy, moderate, and difficult questions, in that order. At the end, I took a few one-on-one tutoring sessions online from Brent, who was very methodical in assessing my strengths and weakness before tailoring my tutoring to maximize my score. I cannot thank him even for all the support and encouragement he provided me. I just graduated from Wharton, class of 2020. Thank you, Brent!” - Alex


Brent’s teaching methods really helped me solidify my foundations in the various topics and set me up well for the GMAT. His process and explanations are easy to follow and the practice questions assigned are perfect for preparation. I have consistently scored 49 on quant when I have taken the GMAT. - Karaan M. 


I just want to say big THANK YOU for your amazing videos! I owe you my score ! Thank you so much - Yogev B


The most efficient learning tool I’ve used (and at a comparably low price!). Keep up the good work! - Christine, Darmstadt, Germany


The GMAT Prep Now videos helped me become comfortable with the content. Brent's to-the-point teaching style made the content so much easier to understand. - Muneeb Irfan, Chicago, Illinois


GMAT Prep Now is an excellent resource for understanding GMAT concepts in a virtual classroom environment and for those on a budget. The resources available are excellent - leverage them to the fullest. The instructor's method of teaching definitely connected with me. - Arindam M., Toronto, Ontario


I took my first GMAT test two weeks ago, and I scored a 720 (QR: 48, V:41, IR:5: AWA:6). I used your materials over the course of one to two months in combination with the OG. I really didn't use any other materials until maybe one week before the test when I started solving problems on GmatClub. I thought the material was presented well in the videos. Thanks for developing these materials and making them available for all! - Will


Wanted to let you know that you have a great site - well worth my money. The step-by-step videos are very easy to understand. Overall, this was probably the best money I could have spent. - Milan Prodanovic, Boston, Massachusetts


Thanks for the solid product. My score went from 620 to 700 in four months using GMAT Prep Now exclusively." - Aaron


GMAT Prep Now is by far the best method to kill the GMAT. Compared to other books / courses you guys break down the GMAT and by understanding each method it is super easy. I watched the videos and did the practice tests in about 2 months and got a 760 score. - Gabriela Rivas, Toronto 


I took your course in conjunction with the Beat the GMAT 60 day Study guide. I was very impressed with the quality of the videos, and I know your course was integral to my GMAT success. I improved my score by 100 points - exceeding my school's target by 150 points. If you're interested, my official GMAT score was 700 (43 Quant, 42 Verbal, 8 IR, 5.0 AWA). Specifically, your math content was very helpful for me. As a social science/humanities major, I did not have a strong math background. I had not reviewed most of these concepts in over 20 years! I've heard many people say knowing the 'tricks' is key to a successful GMAT experience. I did not find that to be the case. For me, either you know the math or you don't. I not only learned how to quickly answer the questions I knew, but understood my abilities well enough to know which questions to guess and move on. I have already recommended your course to several friends and shared my experiences with my school's site coordinator. Feel free to share my feedback, but please do not list my last name, city, school or the name of my company. - Kerry


The GMAT Prep Now course has been a real blessing for me. It's exactly what I was looking for in a course that provided a complete set of extremely well thought out, thorough, and complete set of materials to really put me back into a learning mode. It's so well done that I wish some of my classes back in college were taught with this level and care. It has been perfect for helping me get back to studying after being a few years removed from that kind of mentality. The videos are taught from a perspective that really breaks down each aspect and also teaches you not just "how" to do things, but "why" as well, and for me that is the most important, because I find much easier to learn when I know the why I must perform something a certain way. The learning guides are straightforward and laid out in such a way that makes all the material in the Official Guides much more manageable and comprehensible. I love that you guys took the time to dissect the Official Guides and separate them into specific topics in your learning templates. That has made it extremely easy to organize mys study time, and even more so allows me to easily fit in a few short study sessions or practice problems with the little bits of time that I have throughout the day. Lastly, being a little bit of a technology geek, I must commend you on your choice of web design. I think it was a great idea sticking to proven technologies like Vimeo for video streaming and making your documents available for download as PDFs, rather than offering it all in some odd proprietary method. Keeping it simple has always been a recipe for success and it seems that you guys have really stuck to that philosophy in your teaching down to your web design. Thank you for offering such an incredible service, I look forward to seeing how I do the next time I take the GMAT, but in the mean time I can't wait to get back to the studying. - Michael Do


The course was great and it helped. I did take additional live classes for motivation. I scored my target of 650 on the GMAT and got the admission I wanted. Great things are happening around me! - Ruth Oyewumi


After trying various GMAT learning applications, I came across GMAT Prep Now and immediately realized that it was better than any of the ones I had tried before. I am impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness. The videos are easy to follow and the progression of difficulty is gradual so that one never loses train of thought. GMAT Prep Now is a highly effective learning system that is easy to use and comes at a very fair price. - Richard - Berlin, Germany


This is to say a great huge thanks to GMAT Prep Now. Thank you guys for making a scary subject so much easier to understand and learn. I've always done poorly in quant-related subjects, namely maths and arithmetic. You can imagine my trepidation when I decided to take the GMAT. I will be taking the test a second time very soon, and for my first prep, I used the 60-day guide and Manhattan GMAT prep materials. I wish I had discovered you guys then, because I'm sure I would have done much, much better on the test. I particularly appreciate the way you combine strategies and shortcuts with explanations. Now I regularly get "AHA! so that's how that works!" moments when I'm using the lesson modules. I will let you know how it goes with the GMAT the second time around, but I can already tell you that I am much more confident and less terrified of the test than I was last year, :). Thank you so much for helping quant-virgins like myself actually understand and enjoy the topics, and polish our verbal skills. Keep up the good work! With many thanks.  - Kemmy Gee


The videos are exceptionally well organized, and they come from one of the best teachers in GMAT-land. - Pardeep Singh


The video explanations go clearly through each topic in detail, and each topic has a lot of sample questions that are also explained in detail. I was impressed that, after every question I got wrong, I was able to truly learn something from my mistake and walk away with everything I needed to solve it correctly the next time. - Sarah Allan, Charlotte, North Carolina


The product has been one of the best ways to study math. It has saved a lot of my time. Categorization of the toughness of the problems has been of great use. - Hari H.


Love the program. It's helping me increase my score considerably. I recommend it to all my friends who are studying for the GMAT.- P.M., Toronto, Ontario


The lessons are quite intuitive and, at the same time, they cover in-depth approaches to problems that we tend normally to neglect during the course of preparation on the GMAT. - Chidu, Gujarat, India


You are really talented in explaining and demonstrating concepts. I found it so convenient that I can watch your videos on my iPad anywhere, anytime. - Rimoun Adel, C.E.O - Nile Creations, Cairo


I just wanted to say how much I am getting out of the GMAT videos in your course. Following your Learning Guide and working through the videos is really paying off. You have my appreciation. - Keith R., Toronto, Ontario



Online Testimonials

Used this video course along with OGs and yes it did work wonders for me and I finally scored a 710.

Beat The GMAT forum, user: Kamakshi Chawla, score: 710


Gmat Prep Now has excellent content, which did what I was looking for.

GMAT Club, user: shankarram, score: 770


The Best site. Absolutely amazing. Perfect. Love the way you explain. Loving it. Thank you for the videos, it was so easy to understand the concepts. Superb explanation... thanks for the videos. Just amazing videos. Thank you for providing such a helpful resource! The videos were both comprehensive and concise., Thanks a lot! They have been a great help! A very nice series of videos, with some nice questions-problems. Thank you for the tremendous help and I really hope you continue your great work. One of the best sites I’ve ever come across... Awesome site.

YouTube, users: Muhammad Arif, Miram Amin, Naz Parvin, Youssef Tarhouni, Tina Ebimami, koundinya sharma, Mayur Hussey, VnDynasty, nandeta puri, Mon, Veronica Gedela, Spyros D, Pooja Nahata, tanyacoolio


Brent Hanneson's GMAT Prep Now is fantastic. If there is one resource you want to use for GMAT preparation, then use this. Nobody will teach you permutation, combinations, and probability better than he taught me. He essentially boiled everything down to counting. Like I said earlier, he has mastered the art of simplifying GMAT material

GMAT Club, user: boskyie, score: 750


This site has videos for every concept tested on the GMAT and what official problems (and non-official) are related to those concepts. I like it for two reasons. One - it gives the official guide some structure and brevity. The practice problems in the official guide aren't in any sort of order, even though come concepts build off each other. Also, the official guide probably goes overboard with concepts. If you understand everything in these videos, you know all the math tested on the GMAT. So yeah just watch the videos and do the official/non-official problems associated with the concept. Videos are nice because they cut to the point of what exactly you need to know for the GMAT. The videos are short. Two- it's practice problem intensive, which if you haven't figured it out is kind of my thing.

Reddit, user: imitationcrabmeat, score: 760


I watched the videos, retook the test and got a 610. What I thought was significant was that I watched the videos AND NOTHING ELSE. No more books. No drills. Nothing. I just watched the videos (which included working out the problems in the videos, of course), then took the test the day after I completed the last video. Amazing!! 

Beat The GMAT, user: SoftwareDrone, score: 610, from a previous score of 430


Brent is a GMAT genius. His style is crisp and lessons are incisive.

GMAT Club, user: NoHalfMeasures, score: 750


The course is immensely great. Before I used that I was not even aware that there are only limited concept GMAT test and those concept can be presented so easily and so concisely, slides and videos are great.

GMAT Club, user: honchos, score: 710


GMAT Prep Now is an excellent resource. I used it to build my basics very strong. The videos are just awesome and I was able to increase my score by 50 points! Brent is the guy after the videos. He has done a fantastic job and is really helpful if you are stuck somewhere.

Beat The GMAT, user: melguy


For concepts and skill building, there are few really good ones such as Manhattan guides for quant and GMAT Prep Now videos (this one was insanely resourceful for verbal; this has got everything covered for verbal and quant with practice question videos).

Beat The GMAT, user: sidceg, score: 700

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