Lesson: Handling Stress on Test Day

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These are great tips. I also recommend doing any kind of meditation or other anxiety techniques.
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Great suggestions.

Thank you Brent. Your video explains why I got 80 less than my consistent score on prep tests since I don't have any other explanation.
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Yes, stress can seriously harm your score.

A room's temperature usually affects my anxiety level. If I feel cold, I stress more. What's the usual temperature at the test centre? I may need to bring a jacket if it's below 75F. Thanks.
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There are many (thousands probably) test centers throughout the world, so it's hard to say what to temperature to expect. Assume (and prepare for) the worst.

I Googled 'GMAT Test Center' and found this YouTube video posted around 3 years ago. I will plan on bringing a light sweater, in case it gets cold for me. Video link: https://youtu.be/b3UvaAEDxvU

I hope this will still be the case for 2020.

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