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Hello. If we conclude that X lies between -4 and -2.5 , is there a possibility that it could have a value -3.5? If it is -3.5 then the answer would be E , as we cant be certain about the value of X.
Kindly clear my confusion.
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The keyword here is "integer." If x is an integer, AND -4 < x < -2.5, then x must equal -3

Hi, quick question:

Can you further explain why -2 was divided among the inequality? I distributed -2 first. Thanks!
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Your method works too.
I just decided to eliminate the -2 (through division) from the start.

For the first example of -3<-2(X+4), I solved for X by multiplying. I got -3<-2X-8. I then added 8 to both sides to get 5<-2X. I then divided both sides by -2 to get X>-5/2 which is the same as X>-2.5. Is this also a valid approach to solve the equation?
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That's a perfectly valid approach. It only takes 1 more (very small) step than the approach I took in the video.

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