Lesson: Circle Properties

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Brent, can you please help me with the 8th question in Mathbitsnotebook.com. Thanks in advance.
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Question #8 requires a rule regarding cyclic quadrilaterals. These are quadrilaterals that are inscribed in a circle.

For all cyclic quadrilaterals, any two angles that are opposite each other will add to 180 degrees.

So, for question #8, x + 135 = 180 degrees, so x = 45

For the GMAT, you don't need to know anything about cyclic quadrilaterals. So, you can disregard that question.

Sorry, I didn't notice question #8 when I posted the link. I have edited the link accordingly.

Hi Brent, can you please me understand what's a slope?

Referring to the question below https://gmatclub.com/forum/in-the-xy-plane-line-l-intersects-a-circle-with-center-158232.html
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I'm happy to help.
Here's our video on slope: https://www.gmatprepnow.com/module/gmat-algebra-and-equation-solving/vid...

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Brent Please help with this question: https://gmatclub.com/forum/in-the-figure-shown-line-segments-qs-and-rt-are-diameters-of-the-circ-104741.html

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