Lesson: Introduction to Integrated Reasoning

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Love the videos started watching you guys on YouTube, now nice to see you guys expanding further.

I have a few questions about IR:

1) Given that there are 12 questions, and the scoring is on an 8 point scale, does this mean questions are weighted differently or that few of them are experimental?

2) Is it really possible to solve all 12 questions in the 30mins? So far I find myself taking nothing short of 5mins most of the time for each question.

3) How important is the IR score? Will the score only matter when picking between 2 candidates with the same V-Q score, or does it also play a significant role on its own?
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1) The test-makers haven't revealed much about how the IR section is scored, other than to say that, for multi-part questions, you must answer all parts correctly to receive credit for the question.

2) You're not alone. Practically everyone struggles to complete this section in 30 minutes. My suggestion is to look for a super-long/complicated question (or two or three) to guess on, and use the saved time to complete the other 11 questions.

3) From what I've heard, most schools don't place a lot of wait on your IR score.

Thanks so much for the swift reply!
Will attempt to improve on my time.

Hi Brent, I started IR since yday but struggling a lot. Can you help with links for practice and few strategy. I am struggling with MSR and Two-part analysis.

How many hours study is required to get reasonable score?
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There are links to more practice at the bottom of https://www.gmatprepnow.com/module/gmat-integrated-reasoning

The number of study hours required to get a reasonable score depends on a variety of factors, including your present skill level, your target score and how quickly you learn.

Once you've spend a few hours working on IR, you'll get a feel for the rate at which you are progressing.

Does that help?


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