Lesson: Participles

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At 1:01, there is a sentence "Yanni boiled an egg" wherein 'boiled' serve as verb. However, as a principle, it was mentioned in succeeding slides that Participles act only as adjective. Please explain this juxtaposition.
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We aren't saying that "boiled" always serves as a verb. In some cases, "boiled" serves as a verb, and in other cases, "boiled" serves as an adjective.

It up to you to determine whether the word is serving as a verb or adjective, depending on the context.

If the word serves an adjective, then it's a participle.

Does that help?

Hi Brent - FYI, there is a small typo in the video. Starting at 2:34, where the present participles are listed, the video states that the present participle form of "chop" is "copping"; it should display "chopping" instead.

Thank you for recording these videos and for being responsive - these are a huge help in my GMAT preparation!
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Thanks for that heads up!

Great eye for detail :)

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