Lesson: Word Choice - "if" vs. "whether"

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great !

Hi Brent,
Here in last example, you have used general rule for if and then which you have mentioned in Conditional Sentences lesson. what is general rule?
is it, ..if simple present, then simple present..?
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I'm referring to this lesson on conditional sentences (https://www.gmatprepnow.com/module/gmat-sentence-correction/video/1179) in which we examine forms such as "If SIMPLE PRESENT then SIMPLE FUTURE"

Hi Brent,

I was wondering if you have a recommended reading list for GMAT preparation (for non native speakers).
Like books, newspapers, etc. to read on a regular basis that have the same structures/difficulty level as the GMAT passages.

Thank you.
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If you're looking for interesting, GMAT-like content, here are some suggestions.

For Science passages, try:
- New Scientist
- Nature
- National Geographic
- Popular Mechanics
- Scientific American

For Humanities/Social Sciences, try:
- Washington Post
- New York Times
- Guardian
- Atlantic Monthly
- The New Yorker

And for Business, try:
- Fast Company
- Newsweek Business
- The Harvard Business Review
- BusinessWeek
- Economist
- Financial Times


Thank you!

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