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Pls help with the following question: https://gmatclub.com/forum/on-the-graph-above-when-x-1-2-y-2-and-when-x-1-y-136560.html (Question No. 8 from OG 2017)
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Is this why we say that a straight line is made of an infinite number of dots?
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You bet! The same applies to the number line.


Hi Brent,
Grateful if you could provide me with your approach to solve this problem.

In the xy-coordinate system, if (a, b) and (a+3, b+k) are two points on the line defined by the equation x = 3y - 7, then k =

A) 9
B) 3
C) 7/3
D) 1
E) 1/3

Please provide explanation!!
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Glad to help!
Here's my full solution: https://gmatclub.com/forum/in-the-xy-coordinate-system-if-a-b-and-a-3-b-...


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