Lesson: x-intercepts and y-intercepts

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Hi Brent,

Sorry, I am struggling to understand your explanation for below question


Statement 1: The slope of line k is greater than the slope of line j.

Case a: the slope of line j is positive

Notice that, if line k has a greater slope, then the y-intercept of line j IS greater than the y-intercept of
line k

I didn't understand above. Can you explain with co-ordinate or e.g.
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Link: https://gmatclub.com/forum/in-xy-coordinate-plane-lines-j-and-k-intersec...

Glad to help!

Notice that, on the first diagram, there is 1 blue line and 3 red lines. Let's IGNORE the bottom two red lines, and focus all of our attention on the red line that has its y-intercept just below the blue line.

The blue line is line j, and the one red line is line k

Let's say the Y-INTERCEPT of line j is -3, which means the blue line passes through the point (0, -3)
Let's also say the Y-INTERCEPT of line k is -4.

Okay, now recognize that the SLOPE of line k (red line) is greater than the SLOPE of line j (blue line).
At the same time, the Y-INTERCEPT of line k (red line) is less than the Y-INTERCEPT of line j (blue line), since -4 is less than -3.

Does that help?


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