Lesson: Introduction to Critical Reasoning

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is there a critical reasoning flashcards?

hey dont we have any source of question for practicing?
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For each question type (Assumption questions, Paradox questions, etc), there are several related practice questions in the box beneath the video. For example, you can see the practice questions related to Weaken the Argument questions: https://www.gmatprepnow.com/module/gmat-critical-reasoning/video/1136

Also, on the Critical Reasoning page (https://www.gmatprepnow.com/module/gmat-critical-reasoning), you will find several video practice questions AND even more links to practice questions (at the bottom of that page).

So the only difference between an assumption and a premise is that the assumption is NOT stated whereas premises are? Am I thinking about this correctly?
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That's correct.



This one is about reducing the risk of polyps and the answer is about the time after polyps have developed already. How does that work?
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Question link: https://www.beatthegmat.com/calcium-t279620.html

The original argument suggests that low calcium levels CAUSE polyps. If that were true, then eating food rich in calcium would help prevent polyps.

However, we're not told that low calcium levels cause polyps; we're told that the two things seem to be related, but there's no clear cause and effect.

So, what if it's the other way around? What if polyps CAUSE low calcium levels? If that were the case, then eating food rich in calcium would NOT help prevent polyps.

Answer choice C indirectly tells us that polyps CAUSE low calcium levels.

So C is the best answer.

Does that help?

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