Lesson: Even and Odd Integers

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0 is neither even nor odd.
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Zero is even.
An integer is even if that integer is divisible by 2. An integer, n, is divisible by 2 if n = 2k, where k is an integer.

So, for example, 10 is even because 10 = (2)(5), and 5 is an integer.
Likewise, -22 is even because -22 = (2)(-11), and -11 is an integer.
Similarly, 0 is even because 0 = (2)(0), and 0 is an integer.

zero is neither positive nor negative
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That's true

appears this lesson (and the reinforcement ques associated with the video) are arguably one of the most important ones in your module in preparation for the test. do you have a top 10 must know inside and out videos (from GMATPrepNow), based on your knowledge of where the 37 quant questions might come from
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I don't have such a list. However, the number of practice questions related to each topic is a good indication of the importance of that topic.

Hi Brent,

Question: is it true that fractions and or decimals are not considered Odd or Even numbers?
One of the post answered by some user mentioned that a number like 1.3 cannot be Odd or Even because the addition of a zero at the end of the number (which does not change the value) makes it even divisible by "2" whereas 1.3 would be Odd. Maybe I am interpreting the information the wrong way or the user was wrong or failed to explain adequately. Let me know

Thank you
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Hi Bertyy,

The quick answer: for the GMAT, only INTEGERS are considered even or odd.

Allowing fractions and decimals to be even or odd kind of blows up some of our trusted rules. For example, if we consider 0.25 and 0.5 to be odd, then 0.25 + 0.25 = 0.5 means that ODD + ODD = ODD

Of course this isn't to say that there's no side branch of mathematics where they consider what happens when we include fractions and decimals in the realm of evens and odds. But, for the purposes of the GMAT, we only consider INTEGERS.


I can deal with that. Not a problem. Lol!

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