Lesson: Parts of Speech - Subjects and Objects

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In the following 2 sentences what will be the object:
1. Paola's fear of cotton is a source of delight among her friends.
2. Behind the pickle factory sits Edna Miller's beautiful home.
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Neither of these sentences has an object. An object is acted upon by the subject (more here: http://www.chompchomp.com/terms/indirectobject.htm)

Yes, in the video I say that an object (roughly speaking) is any noun that it not a subject. However, for the purpose of the GMAT, this definition is all you need.

Are these all of the correlative phrases that GMAT expects us to make parallel constructions or are there more than these?

Both x and y
Either x or y
Just as x so Y
Neither x nor y
From x to y
Not x but y
Not only x but also y
The more x the more y
X rather than y
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That list should cover everything.

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