Lesson: General Sentence Correction Tips

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A token of gratitude to Brent for providing such smooth lectures which are easy to understand and that too at no cost! Great job!

Thank you and stay blessed!

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Thanks, Sadhvi!

Thanks to your lucid and elegant explanation of grammar.you are doing a great job and with this free videos you have made learning and teaching reach its true purpose.Kudos to your good work Mr.Brent.

Dear Brent, I would like to express my gratitude regarding these lessons. They are great; so clear, to the point and with examples. Brilliantly done! Just know that your work is valued!


A future gmat alumni from Amsterdam
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Thanks for taking the time to say that!

Dear, I agree with all these good comments. After several years learning english at school, thanks to you, I understood a lot of grammar keys. I'm now more confident on my GMAT way ! Thank you.

Hi Brent can you please explain what emphatic construction in a sentence means with examples and when to use it?
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Emphatic constructions are incredibly rare on the GMAT, and I haven't seen an official question in which the correct answer choice depended solely on this concept.

Here's an example: Although countless observations suggest otherwise, Joe DOES believe that the Earth of flat."

In this example, the word DOES plays no role other than to emphasize Joe's believe that the Earth is flat.

EDIT: In your follow-up email to me, you mentioned that question #749 in the 2017 Official Guide mentions emphatic constructions. In that case, we have "it is the fixed costs that makes..." Notice that the "it is" part doesn't play a role. We could just as easily written "the fixed costs make..." Having said all of that, there's a much bigger issue with that answer choice (answer choice A) than using the emphatic construction. In answer choice A, we have "...the fixes COSTS...MAKES it more..." This is a subject-verb mismatch, since we are using the singular verb MAKES with the plural subject COSTS.

I think it's very unlikely, that an official question would ever have a correct answer that depends solely on the concept of emphatic construction. Instead, there will be other (bigger) problems with the sentence.

This module is awesome brent! coming from a French/Arabic native speaker.
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Thanks for that!


I must say that those videos are by far the best GMAT available resources. please let me know where I can add general comments to advocate for the website.

it's well deserved.
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Thanks for saying that!

I don't have a general comment section for that purpose, but I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to spread the word about the course on the various GMAT forums.

This is the first time I've binge watched any lecture series, especially on grammar. :-)
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Good to hear!!

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