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Any reason we can't use "do" instead of "does" in option B, is this because university is singular?
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Yes, we use DOES because university is singular.

Example: The university DOES have a high number of tenured male professors.

The university DOES have a high number of tenured male professors.

The universities DO have a high number of tenured male professors.

We are using place holder for tenured male professors,which is plural then why aren't we using plural form of verb do?can you give more example for verb place holders to make it more clear?
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Hi Neha,

I have some examples in the post above yours.

Notice that, in answer choice C, the plural "DO" correctly matches the plural noun "universities."

In answer choice B, the singular "DOES" correctly matches the plural noun "university."

So, in answer choice B, we could also write "The University of Maltania has a higher number of tenured male professors than any other UNIVERSITY (singular) HAS (singular).

Hi Brent

I do not understand why B choice can use an inverted sentence ("does any other university" instead of "any other university does")? Shouldn't it need to be parallel to the first part?

Thank you so much!
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Great question, yxlucy321!

The kind of parallelism you're referring to is not tested on the GMAT.

Example: "Joe owns more pets than Kaye owns" is just as acceptable as "Joe owns more pets than does Kaye"

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