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criteria is not plural.
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"Criteria" is plural.

Singular: criterion
Plural: criteria
More here:

hey Brent,
why did you not talk about the comparison.
as in option a) is followed by a noun which is incorrect.
and so on?
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Be careful. We're not really comparing anything here. We're actually saying that they're identical ("same as").

We can use "same as" with two nouns. For example, we might say, "A cat's liver is the same as a dog's liver."

Hello Brent,
Out of curiousity what level of difficulty would this question be ?

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It's a tricky one. I'd say it's in the 650-700 range.

Hey Brent
In the idiom list that you have provided, it is mentioned that the idiom is 'same to A as to B', but in this video, at 1:26 you mentioned it as 'same for X as for Y'.
So which one of the two is correct?
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"same for X as for Y" and "same to X as to Y" are both fine.

However, in this question, it's a matter of parallelism. In the first part of the sentence, we have SAME FOR X, so to maintain parallelism, the second part needs AS FOR Y.

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